SAS Travelers at Arlanda airport.
SAS Travelers at Arlanda airport.

Photo: Robert Nygren


Safe travel in the airport: What you need to know

What is being done to keep you safe in the airport, and what can you do to stay safe? Get updated here.

As the pandemic has challenged the airline industry globally, creating an increased apprehensiveness to travel following the outbreak, airlines and airports have worked hard to ensure the safety of all travelers – with a wide range of safety measures having been implemented in the airports in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

“We have worked hard to create a safe environment so that our travelers can rediscover the world without compromising their health,” says Thomas Woldbye, CEO in Copenhagen Airport.

Enhanced cleaning procedures, one-way flow alignment and distance marking – only to mention a few, are now standard procedures.

“A number of measures have been introduced to ensure that the distance rules can be observed and that passengers are reminded to follow the infection control rules,” Gurli Ulverud, Head of Communications, Avinor, explains.

The measures comply with the guidelines of the respective countries Health Authorities and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Photographer: Robert Nygren
Photographer: Robert Nygren

Together we can stop the spread

Even though the airports have implemented several safety measures to safeguard everybody’s health, it is up to all of us as individual travelers to ensure that all the good intentions put in place will have the intended effect.

“You are the biggest contributor to avoiding the spread of infection, Gurli Ulverud points out while Anna Ericsson, Director of Passenger Experience at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Swedavia, stresses that “the health and safety of our passengers is our top priority – we help each other reduce the spread of infection.”

Various measures and guidelines

As the situation constantly changes, based on the spread of the virus and local guidelines from health authorities, the implemented measures also vary. For instance, wearing a face mask covering mouth and nose can be a requirement in one airport, while it is a recommendation in another.

“We therefore advice you to always seek information about local conditions, for instance on our website, if your travels are taking you through Copenhagen Airport,” Thomas Woldbye suggests.

For more info about what applies in Copenhagen Airport, Oslo Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport, visit the websites by clicking on the following links:

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Copenhagen Airport
Oslo Airport

Measures made to ensure safety at the airports

  • Requirements and information regarding the use of face masks
  • Extended cleaning procedures have been implemented
  • Visible and clear communication of guidelines
  • Distance marking in passenger areas
  • One-way flow alignment in the terminals
  • Distance marking at seating areas
  • Hand sanitization at the airports

What you can do to stay safe

  • Follow the general recommendations and stay home if you feel sick
  • Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to travel
  • Arrive well ahead of scheduled departure time
  • Do everything you can to keep social distancing at the airport. Keep distance in queues at check-in, security and at the gate
  • Ensure good hand hygiene
  • Protect yourself and others
  • Passengers are encouraged to check in from home and to use self-service machines to check in baggage, for security screening and boarding

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