Quick and easy ways to earn EuroBonus points

When you become a EuroBonus member you can earn points in many different ways – and both earning points and turning them into trips is effortless and easy.

EuroBonus is all about unlocking experiences by earning points. Every time you earn points, you’re one step closer to greater benefits and rewards.Earning EuroBonus points can take you to new placesand there is a myriad of ways to earn them. 

Here are 7 easy ways to earn points fast:

1. Always register your EuroBonus number when traveling with SAS

When you earn Basic points on flights with SAS, Widerøe and Star Alliance, these points not only get you closer to your next bonus trip, they will also help you move up towards the next EuroBonus membership level, giving you a range of benefits. That means Fast Track, Lounge access and free high-speed Wi-Fi onboard, among many other things. And when you reach the next EuroBonus level you earn even more points on every flight you book. Gold and Diamond members earn an additional 25% Basic points on SAS and Widerøe.

2. Choose your hotels and car rentals carefully

When you book with participating car rental outlets and hotels, you’ll get more points, as well as special offers available exclusively to EuroBonus members.

Here you’ll find a list of hotels that will give you a nice stay and more points at the same time: sas.se/en/eurobonus/earn-points/



3. Get a EuroBonus payment card

Obtaining a SAS EuroBonus American Express or Mastercard offers EuroBonus members many outstanding benefits. Let your everyday spend turn into great experiences, since you earn points every time you use your card. Depending on which card you chose you’ll also enjoy benefits like 50% point discount on your award trips, paying the point price for Go when you book Plus or Business, or even become a EuroBonus Silver member.

You can read more about the different credit cards here: sas.se/en/eurobonus/creditcards/



4. Earn even more points when you shop online

You earn between 20 and 80 points per SKr100 spent when you shop at one of the more than 400 shops, reachable in the SAS EuroBonus Earn portal. Just make your way through the shopping portal and log in as a EuroBonus member before you start shopping at your favorite stores. Here the important thing to remember is to be logged in as a EuroBonus Member before you shop.

Check out the connected stores here: onlineshopping.flysas.com/se/



5. Shop, eat and earn points in Scandinavia

You can now earn from 30 to 330 extra points for every SKr100 you spend in any of over 1,800 online stores and restaurants in our partner network in Scandinavia. All you need do, once and for all, is to link your EuroBonus number to your payment card and then use this card to pay with at participating stores and restaurants. And if you link your EuroBonus Mastercard or EuroBonus Amex, you will earn points twice over, from both the store and the payment transaction itself.

There are over 500 brands and 1,800 places to choose from and you’ll find them all here: https://eurobonus.shopping



6. Shop selected products in our own EuroBonus Shop and earn points

In our EuroBonus shop you can choose between a wide range of brands and products – all specially selected. You can pay with points, money or a mixture of both. On most products you earn too points – even when you’ve paid with points.You’ll find the shop below.

You’ll find the shop here: www.saseurobonusshop.com/



7. Share and earn points with loved ones

EuroBonus also offers Point Sharing for friends and family members, so if you’re saving points for your dream trip your loved ones can help you reach your goal that much quicker.

Your EuroBonus points can take you to new exciting places all over the world, or maybe to your favorite place that’s just an hour away. Our bonus trips have a fixed price and the greatest possible flexibility, allowing you to rebook or cancel up to 24 hours before departure for free. You can also use your EuroBonus points to book a bonus trip to one of the 193 countries reachable with one of our Star Alliance partner airlines. Or, you can share points with family or friends, use them to upgrade your flight, pay for lounge visits, or shop onboard. 

The more you use it the more rewarding it gets. And since it’s so simple and easy, why not become a EuroBonus member today and get that much closer to your dream trip?

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